workshop Terjé & Hellena (Knit) 11-03-23

Improv the Hague is proud to present: Terjé Brevik and Hellena Jang! Two veteran improvisers from very different parts of the world with over 20+ years of experience have joined forces to bring you the Korean Norwegian Improv Tour! Hellena and Terje are KNIT! Terjé was already there in 2020 and got great reviews from our workshoptakers. So he is BACK and brings a friend! We have two english spoken improv workshops for you on the 11th of March 2023. The workshops are suitable for all improv levels. The advanced players can also participate in the first half of the show in the evening.

Workshop Details:

Date:     Saturday 11th of March 2023
Times:   workshop Hellena   11:00 – 14:00
workshop Terjé       15:00 – 18:00
show Terjé/Hellena 20:00 – 22:15
 One workshop: 40 euro (25 for course members).
70 euro if you follow two workshops.
             Every workshop gives one free showticket!

Bold Choice and do Action
Date/Time: Saturday 11th of March 2023 from 11:00 – 14:00.
workshop by Hellena Jang

Do you feel bored during the scene? Do you feel it is going somewhere else? So you feel stuck in the
scene? Get out of your head and just do it!
Make a bold choice! And do the Action! not talk much! We don’t want to see two talking heads again and again. How to make a scene interesting without talking?
We can make much more interesting scenes with less talking. Let’s find out how to make a bold
choice and do Action!

The Improv Toolbelt
Date/Time: Saturday 11th of March 2023 from 15:00 – 18:00.
workshop by Terjé Brevik

Every time you walk on stage, you’re wearing an invisible tool belt filled with most, if not all the
improv tools you need. Most tools are adaptable, while some should be employed “only for their
intended purpose”.
The Impro Toolbelt workshop will provide more tools for your improv tool belt in the form of simple
tips and tricks (‘cheats’) designed to push things forward when you feel stuck or lost in a scene.

Show Terjé & Hellena

Terjé and Hellena will perform in an english spoken show on the night of Saturday 11th of March (20:00 – 22:00). In one half the workshop participants will participate as well!

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About the trainers:

Terje Brevik teaches methods and mindset from improv theater to individuals and teams who want
to improve communication, collaboration, and creativity, on or off stage.
His ideas, style, and taste comes from a broad and diverse range of sources such as the Annoyance,
iO Theater, Keith Johnstone, Pack Theater, and more.
Terje is the founder of Tøyen Impro (for improvisers), Day of Yes (for non-improvisers), and SNIF, the
Short Notice Improv Festival (for both). He holds two Bachelor’s degrees, one in Drama and Theater
Communication, and the other in Computer Engineering. Terje lives in Oslo, Norway, and already
regrets ending this sentence with turtle jazz paper clip.
Terje has 10+ years of experience teaching and performing improvised theater.

Hellena Jang is an experienced improv performer and coach based in Seoul, South Korea. She started Improv 12 years ago and traveled all the way to the US and Canada in 2014, 2016 and 2019. She took all kinds of intensives everywhere such as I.O, Secondcity, Huge theater, Annoyance, Comedy Sportz, The Pack Theater, and so on. When she came back from her first improv trip in 2014, she founded the very first Korean Improv school, and she made a Korean team which is IMFROG.

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