Beginnerscourse Improvisation

Always wanted to do Improv? Easier than you think! In 12 lessons you will learn the basic principles of improvisation.

Theatersports is suitable for everyone with and without experience in improv. That’s why we have a very interesting mix of people with our courses: young, old, men, women, from student to legal assistant.

The Basic course Improv is 12 classes in which you learn the basic principles of improvisation; accept; expression of emotions, associate; make mistakes, develop characters, tell stories .. and of course also at least 10 fun improv game forms such as t

he murder game (Cluedo) and the complaints desk. You always improvise together. That is why you learn how your own ideas can strengthen the insights of the other players. So that together you can build better improv scenes.

We also have a follow-up course. This is a theatersports / Improv on stage – course.

Courses start in January and September. In addition, courses often start in March and October.

By filling in the form below you will receive an information e-mail about the following basic 1 course, when it is planned and what the costs are. Click HERE for ‘Up the floor’. If you still have questions after reading the e-mail, you can always e-mail them. Or of course you can register right away of course :)!

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